Star Woman Crystals

Connecting all to the Wonders of Mother Earth through Crystals, Stones and meditation .

Ascension Meditation

River of Life Meditation

Chakra Balance Guided Imagery Meditation


Navigating the Interdimensional Realms Guided Meditations

Meet the Light Beings from each Realm and receive the blessings they have for you. Terra Sonora's meditations intend to lovingly guide you from 3rd to 12th dimension to experience the bliss of God Consciousness. We feel it is time to offer her meditations again.

Navigating the Inter-Dimensional Realms


Awakening the Higher Self Guided Meditations to the Angelic Realm by Terra Sonora

Terra Sonora’s guided imagery meditation are intended to gently guide you to the Angelic Realms & allow you to be fully aware of your own Higher Self.These meditative journeys are intended to greatly expand your spiritual self-awareness and mindfulness . We feel it is time to offer her meditations again.

Awakening the Higher Self