Star Woman Crystals

Connecting all to the Wonders of Mother Earth through Crystals, Stones and meditation .

We feel that we all do better when we work together

Mary Versosky 3-D Aura Camera

Mary Versosky owner of Angels and Auras She comes to Star Woman Crystals once a month for Aura Readings and pictures

Harry Hover Reflexologist

Harry Hover visits Star Woman crystals once a month to provide Foot Reflexology. Harry doesn't have a website, however he can be reached by phone at 480-837-0446.

Cay Randall-May Psychic Readings

Cay Randall-May's readings include guidance for professional and personal issues. Developed for Star Woman Crystals Cay created her new Crystal Life Path Readings which combine sacred geometry and crystal vibrations with higher guidance.

Sherrie Howe Crystal Fusion Therapy

Sherrie Howe has developed her own Crystal Therapy Modality. She works with your energy and the energy of the stones to balance your energy and help you to feel better.